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Energy Products

EP is a Full-Line Valve and Valve Actuation Supply House. We are committed to being the "best in the business" where offshore actuation systems are needed.

We specialize in hydraulics for all types of Marine Ballast Systems; from the PLC to the actuator, limit switches, hydraulic blocks and valves.

Pneumatic Mud Systems are another area of expertise and we have solved the problem with rubber where exotic drilling muds are used.

Whether its: valves, actuation, ballast control systems or marine and industrial equipment, Energy Products is your source for relevant solutions, expert advice, leading industry experience and the global connections and premier service you are looking for.

Welcome to Energy Products, we looking forward to serving you and your project needs.

Founded in the Fall of 2000, Energy Products has become a leading supplier of Valves, Valve Actuation and Spare parts from around the world.  Our founders have over 26 years of experience worldwide with a network of partnerships covering all the major Continents.  They include The Netherlands, Korea, China, Turkey and India.  We are experts in the design, assembly and resourcing of ballast control hydraulic valves and actuators.  EP has also developed and innovated many new products within mud systems with exposure to new Bromide compounds being used today.  Using our worldwide network we are able to stay one-step-ahead of new technologies and changes in the industry.
We concentrate on the Offshore Industry.  Many of our competitors sell to many markets and may not focus on specific industry sectors and are what some call "
jack of all trades."  This is not the case with EP.  We are specialist in the Offshore Industry.  We go to the rigs and drill ships; we solve problems. 
This is a fast moving industry.  You need a fast moving supply company to keep up with the changing requirements of this Industry.  We offer Energy Products as that solution.  "We Move With You!"
If you ready to experience the premier service you and your company deserve, simply contact us at let us take it from there. We know that you will be glad that you did.
We Move With You!